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Lango Conference: Evaluation

On the last day of the conference a simple evaluation of the conference was done by the Chairman of Lango association. He asked delegates to indicate by show of hands if they were happy about the conference. Those present on that day unanimously raised their hands in approval. Less than 10 people kept their hands down. The best assessment of the success of the conference came through e-mails. Extracts of some of them are below.


“I would like to congratulate the Lango Association for a very successful conference. … This feeling of unity and belonging irrespective of political leanings has to be one of the conference's most important achievements. To all the organisers well done and stand firm -when you put your head above the parapet you will always get shot at”. - Jenny Abura (UK)


“The success registered in this conference is so very compelling that ones physical presence is now irrelevant here. Whether one was present in London or not, just the mere fact that you had it in spirit and prayers for the success of this great occasion and gathering which involved as much as His Highness,  Won-Nyaci Yocam Odur, together with our Hon MPs, all Langi in the Diaspora and at home deserve a pat on the back”. - Wacha Opio-Oguta (USA)


“I am still filled with happiness resulting from the success of the recent conference. First, one could tell there was thirst amongst Langi to unite in brother/sister hood. Many thanks to the brains that predicted this yearn for togetherness as Langi to work for the future development of Lango. This is an indication that we are now ready to work together beyond individual household”. – Regina Apili (UK).



“I have just learnt of the recent conference that was hosted by the Lango Association in London. I want to congratulate the association for the efforts that it is making to enable us Langi concertedly think through how best to restore our lost glory.  It was good that the Won Nyaci attended the conference and made that passionate appeal”.  Joseph Opio Odongo (Kenya).


“I can only say thank you to all who participated in the conference. The past weekend was unlike any other I have ever seen. Lango was brought to London. I witnessed Langi interacting regardless of differences in political opinions and ideologies. And even personal grudges were pushed to the periphery. One thing was common to us during the conference - the desire to foster development and harmony in the Lango sub-region”.  Robert Gira (UK.


“Congs!!! Even if I was not there I was with you in sprit. I am one person who wants to succeed and do not wish others to fail. More so this was not a one man's success but for the whole of Lango”. Captain Awich Pollar (Switzerland)


“A pat on the back for the successful conference of Langi in Diaspora. Congs! You and your team certainly did a great job in the face of some seeming adversity and near altercations. We kept our fingers crossed and prayed. Now that conference is done, the most important is to translate the elegant ideas that may have come out of it into reality. God bless Lango and Langi”..- Dr. Maxwell Otim (Uganda)


“I know you guys are still tired but I can't wait to say BRAVO; that was a wonderful conference. Well done. The organisation was great and thanks to the organisers. LA should now follow this up with meetings to consolidate the points that were flagged in the conference. Thanks” - Leo A Onyanga (Uganda)


“This is a quick note to acknowledge the hard work put in by the conference organising committee; thank you all so much, you did us proud. The challenges were legion but you stayed the course…. As members of a highly gifted community, we should always remember our motto: "NOTE EN TEKO". Unity is indeed strength and working together, we will regain the lost glory of our sub-region.” -  Raymond Okeng (UK)


“It can only be exhilarating to know that the conference went on successfully. Congratulations to all of you who organized the event against all odds and uncalled for destabilization, not to mention the big numbers that participated. I urge that this success should imbue you and all of us with a sense of dedication and commitment so that the seeds from the conference sprout and develop to bear great fruits. Jojokamalu” - Abong Omara (Uganda)


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