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Dr Akena Adoko

Speech by Dr. A Adoko


Adwong Won Nyaci me Lango, Mr. Chairman, Delegates and Observers to the Lango Association Conference 2007.  On behalf of the Lango Association, I warmly welcome all of you, in my capacity as one of the Lango Elders in U.K., to this international conference.  


I congratulate the Executive Committee of the Lango Association in the United Kingdom, for organizing the Conference.


There are several hundreds of Lango residents in the United Kingdom.  Some have asked: Why are we resident in the United Kingdom?  Why are we not resident in our homeland?  We are not resident in Uganda for exactly the same reason, that many British people are not resident in the United Kingdom.  Some of them have opted to live in East Africa.  Some live in Central Africa; some in South Africa.  Millions and millions of them have opted to live in USA, Canada and Australia. The entire globe, not only the United Kingdom, has become their homeland.   And that is why English is spoken, all over the world.


The question therefore is: What is that reason for our residence in Britain, and for the residence of millions of British people abroad?  The answer to that question is that, residence is dictated, by the duty of man itself.  What then is the duty of man?  Ecclesiastes Chapter 9, Verse 10 puts it thus: Whatever Thy Hand fineth to do: Do it with all thy Might. God has given every man a special gift, a special skill.  The twofold duty of man is: first, to develop that skill and second to use it for the benefit of God’s creation. 


In his book, the Grammar of Politics, Professor Harold Laski, of London School of Economics, re-stated the duty of man in political terms.  The duty of man, he stated, is to develop his potentialities, and, of course, to use them. 


Every environment helps to develop the potentialities of many people. 

Many who come from Uganda talk about the way the potentialities of some of our people in Uganda, have developed.  They talk about unprecedented mushrooming of permanent buildings.  They talk about unprecedented economic empires,  built by some of our people. 


Unfortunately, every environment does not help to develop the potentialities of some of its people, hence the need to develop the potentialities of those persons, call for calls for a change of environment by way of emigration.  That is why so many British citizens have fled abroad.  And you can see the wonders they have done especially in Australia, Canada and, above all, in the USA.  They have made the USA the most powerful country in the world. 


It is the same reason, the development of their potentialities that drove some of our people to this country.  You may call that drive political or economic.  Whatever you call it, it is a drive for development of potentialities and for maximisation of the use of skill.  I have seen how a change of environment has helped some of our young girls and boys in London, to develop their potentialities.  Some of them have bought properties worth more than a quarter half a million pounds!  I have seen our men and women, who came to this country without much education, study, and get professional diplomas or academic degrees.    Their successes are the success of their motherland too. 


Now wonder   Israel openly admits that the Jews abroad, are serving the best interest of Israel, as much as the Jews in Israel.  President Museveni too, has admitted in this country, that the Ugandans abroad, are helping to develop the economy of Uganda, by sending to Uganda, the needed foreign exchange. 


Indeed, the object of this conference arises from our duty as human beings.  Its object is to spell out the various potentialities available for the economic, political, and social development of our motherland, the Lango, and to suggest and recommend the ways to achieve them.   


I wish the Conference a fruitful deliberation.



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